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Season 1 Ends written by vi0, 2008-07-13 06:38 CEST (13 comments)

The first CPM 1v1 NA tournament comes to an end with a great response from the CPM community! 16 players went in and 1 came out champion. Walter proved to be the best competitor over LSV in a 3 map show! Thanks to all the players and spectators for making this a success we will be running another one on the evening of the 19th! Sign ups for that are now open and will be accepting only USA players! If you didn't register your name on tourney.cc please do so. It makes check ins easier. For video on demand of our last tournament http://www.ustream.tv/channel/deathmatch-radio [ustream.tv] ! :D We may hold next weeks tournament at 7:30 est but that will be discussed. Please PM me on IRC your thoughts of 8:30 vs 7:30 PM or email me at vi0lat0rs@hotmail.com once again thank you NA CPM community for making this possible!

To Euro Players written by vi0, 2008-07-07 17:08 CEST (7 comments)

Ok, Due to the number of euros playing in the cup, we are giving the euros their own tournament day. Sunday the 13th at 8:30 Berlin Time (gmt+1:00) will be the euro CPM1v1 Cup same rules as the united states one the sign up page will be www.dmradioeuro.tourney.cc once your see signed up on the euro page your sign up for the usa page will be removed

Ok 5th Map Changed written by vi0, 2008-07-07 05:45 CEST (4 comments)

Due to the number of complaints about cpm17, we will use CPM24 instead, so the final map pool will be as follows


Once again matches will last 10 mins, and will be best of 3, Third map will be picked by first the player with least frags removing 1 map from the remaining 3 and then the player with the highest picking from those 2

Also on the day of the tournament we may ask the Europeans that are playing to play the next day at 8:30 GMT +1:00, aka Berlin Time :D so the tournaments will be more fair ping, and time wise. That decision will be made friday night here that night at DeathMatchRadio so please keep checking back for further announcemnts.
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